you'll like him.




I solve problems.

As a designer, my role is to solve problems for my clients in order to make them look great, but also so they can communicate their messages effectively and successfully with their intended audiences. Many of the problem solving skills I employ come naturally to me, but many of them I have learned though nearly three decades of experience as an award-winning designer in the graphic arts and design industry. I help my clients by defining a project or problem, researching, brainstorming, designing and prototyping, selecting  ideas and concepts, implementing design, taking feedback, and learning.


Or, I can just design what you ask for and not make it into a convoluted nightmare for everybody involved. Works for me either way!


Creativity, independent thinking, empathy, optimism and curiosity are what I'm all about.



I haven't had a real day job in more than 25 years! I worked as a senior art director for several communication agencies in Chicago but didn't care much for the experience, so I struck out on my own.


That being said, I work harder now than I ever did when I was in a corner office.


I'd like to define a mission statement here that sums it all up in a few well-chosen words that flatter me greatly, but the truth of the matter is, every single design project that I get involved with is different, important and all-consuming to me.


Team Members

Being an independent designer means I can work for my clients without charging outrageously high "agency" rates. However, I don't work alone. I have a sizable group of experts in their fields that I can call on anytime to assemble the perfect team for any given project.


Working for the Future

For years, I made it a point of working with clients to build sustainable, long-term business relationships. I'd much rather do ongoing projects for a client by meeting his or her budget, rather than making a one time killing and never getting hired again. I'm in it for the long haul!


I'm more fun than other designers

Plus, I'm more fun than other designers! I like to think I’ve got a sense of humor. That helps not only in my work, but in my passions, too, like my garden, studio, and other personal pursuits.


You won’t hear me grumble…much. All I really want to do is bring in your project on time and budget every time.




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